“Dear Gratitude Box”

A Grateful heart pleases God and keeps you lifted even when you feel like remaining low. (1 Thessalonians 5:18 ~revised)

I am excited to start the year off with intentional gratitude as I count down to my birthday, January 29th.   I choose to be thankful because it is a commandment and not necessarily when circumstances are always perfect.

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This shelf is nicely nestled next to my work station! Adorned with items and trinkets’ that is dear to my heart.  The Huge sign displaying “INSPIRED” maintains my focus on the BIG picture, the book titled “Queens” keep me in touch with my roots and culture, the photo of the day I was married and memories of the joy it bought, and then the cute little  lady in the chair dressed in a white robe knick-knack… Notice my PINK box has words such as dream, inspire and hope written on it. This box has a purpose!

As a hair professional gratuity is always appreciated!  Some call it gratuity others refer to it as tips but regardless it is in addition to income or salary. I like to view my TIP as a Token if Purposed.  A Purpose is an intended or desired result with a means to an end or goal. This box is purposed for tips only and definitely with intent. My goal this year is that every dime I earn will have an assignment!

To my Industry Peers and entrepreneurs reading this …..I’m compelling you to take this journey with me if you haven’t already.  This is a wonderful opportunity for setting goals and practicing consistency. Your storage space may not be a box so use what works for you. Maybe you have your eye on a new product, want to master a skill or something as simple as allotting tips for lunch and meals will make it all worth it!

Challenge yourself this year as never before to plow and explore. Although I where several hats, I’m pressing to become all I was created to be and no one else!! I am Grateful for my new found confidence!

Inspirational Hair Sensei~~”Where Beauty meets Lifestyle & Love”

LaShelle Adams-Lee