“Counting down with Gratitude”


Happy New Year!  I made it, you made it, we made it! Do you realize that so many didn’t live to see 2017? IF YOU ARE ABLE TO READ THIS, that alone is worth Rejoicing!!! There are many who must journey on without their loved ones… placing one foot in front of the other one day at a time by faith. People are trusting God that 2017 will not be the repetitive blows and setbacks of 2016. I Decree: that 2017 will be a year of endless blessings for you!!!!

On that note, this is my Birthday month! I thought why not start off the year with 29 days of gratitude leading up to my birthday, January 29th! When practicing Gratitude you don’t have too much time to focus on negatives. A grateful heart pleases God and keeps you lifted up even when you feel like remaining low! (My version of 1Thessalonians 5:18)

Join me and let us count our blessings one by one and Remember be Grateful!

LaShelle Adams-Lee

Inspirational Hair Sensei~~”Where Beauty meets Lifestyle & Love”