“An Industry that will never die”

Attention ! Attention! If you are a hairstylist, barber, nail technician, make-up artist, or student of cosmetology – I have good news for you!

 As we are fast approaching the end of another year and on the brink of a new White House Administration,  many people are on edge about the uncertainty of what’s to come!! They’re nervous about the economy, health insurance, job security, and the list goes on….

 Well – I have good news for you………. You have nothing to fear because you have a talent that cannot be replaced by computers, clones or counterfeits! People worry on a daily basis and wonder:  “Could this be the final day of my job?” Will I get a pink slip this week or be let go? 

 It is a blessing to be a part of an industry which is ever- evolving!  Our industry is here to stay!!!

LaShelle Adams-Lee

“Inspirational Hair Sensei ~Where Beauty meets Lifestyle & Love”