“A New Expression of an old Idea”

It’s Black History month and I celebrate those who paved the way for me as a black woman. I realize that no aspirations are off-limits, you can become what you believe regardless of your age, race or class! You can be a new expression of an old idea so do it your way! Be authentic in your gift and unique with your vision!


“I am a woman who came from the cotton fields of the South. From there I was promoted to the washtub. From there I was promoted to the cook kitchen. And from there I promoted myself into the business of manufacturing hair goods and preparations….I have built my own factory on my own ground.”  Madam CJ Walker     



This lady Madam CJ Walker, is my Shero in the Beauty Industry!  After suffering from a scalp ailment that resulted in her own hair loss, she invented a line of African-American hair care products in 1905.  (She didn’t give up until she discovered a working solution)



Telephone in 1905

She promoted her products by traveling around the country giving lecture-demonstrations and eventually established Madame C.J. Walker Laboratories to manufacture cosmetics and train sales beauticians.  Can you imagine…. there were no smartphones or social media devices at her use but she was a determined woman! Her savvy business acumen led her to be one of the first American women to become a self-made millionaire, philanthropist and icon.

There are so many other model black women that I could speak of but I would be forever so check out this link if you please: http://www.essence.com/galleries/bow-down-65-boundary-breaking-black-women-who-have-paved-way

I declare  Proverbs 31 Virtue over your life! Be Inspired, Be Encouraged, and Be lifted to propel to unlimited levels in your future foresight!

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LaShelle Adams-Lee











“The Gift of New Beginnings”



January is almost over so what’s your gameplan? Is your objective this year is to birth the dreams and ambitions you’ve been carrying on the inside? If so, this requires consistency, determination, confidence in your purpose and surrounding yourself with those that believe in your vision!

Will you allow setbacks, disappointments or the fear of what’s to come hinder your progress? If necessary, give yourself permission to miss the mark, pick up the pieces and Begin again!

It’s never too late! The right time is the moment you decide to make your dream become your reality.  Below are photos of my manual personal planner and I wouldn’t be honest if I claimed that I have followed my planner to the exact. In the past, this was very challenging for me but now I am purposing to practice daily routines and habits. plannerplnner2(1)

Proverbs 16:3 says “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

My friends and peers, ask God to let this year, be the year you are introduced to the inward soul and self you’ve never met! I challenge you not to let the first quarter of the year pass by like a thief who robs in the night. Face this year head on and passionately pursue your dreams with all you have! By Gods grace, I am!

Don’t be afraid to launch that business, share your story as an author, start that ministry or just Begin Again! 

Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

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“Dear Gratitude Box”

A Grateful heart pleases God and keeps you lifted even when you feel like remaining low. (1 Thessalonians 5:18 ~revised)

I am excited to start the year off with intentional gratitude as I count down to my birthday, January 29th I choose to be thankful because it is a commandment and not necessarily when circumstances are always perfect.

tips blog


This shelf is nicely nestled next to my work station! Adorned with items and trinkets’ that is dear to my heart.  The Huge sign displaying “INSPIRED” maintains my focus on the BIG picture, the book titled “Queens” keep me in touch with my roots and culture, the photo of the day I was married and memories of the joy it bought, and then the cute little  lady in the chair dressed in a white robe knick-knack… Notice my PINK box has words such as dream, inspire and hope written on it. This box has a purpose!

As a hair professional gratuity is always appreciated!  Some call it gratuity others refer to it as tips but regardless it is in addition to income or salary. I like to view my TIP as a Token if Purposed.  A Purpose is an intended or desired result with a means to an end or goal. This box is purposed for tips only and definitely with intent. My goal this year is that every dime I earn will have an assignment!

To my Industry Peers and entrepreneurs reading this …..I’m compelling you to take this journey with me if you haven’t already.  This is a wonderful opportunity for setting goals and practicing consistency. Your storage space may not be a box so use what works for you. Maybe you have your eye on a new product, want to master a skill or something as simple as allotting tips for lunch and meals will make it all worth it!

Challenge yourself this year as never before to plow and explore. Although I where several hats, I’m pressing to become all I was created to be and no one else!! I am Grateful for my new found confidence!

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LaShelle Adams-Lee

“Counting down with Gratitude”


Happy New Year!  I made it, you made it, we made it! Do you realize that so many didn’t live to see 2017? IF YOU ARE ABLE TO READ THIS, that alone is worth Rejoicing!!! There are many who must journey on without their loved ones… placing one foot in front of the other one day at a time by faith. People are trusting God that 2017 will not be the repetitive blows and setbacks of 2016. I Decree: that 2017 will be a year of endless blessings for you!!!!

On that note, this is my Birthday month! I thought why not start off the year with 29 days of gratitude leading up to my birthday, January 29th! When practicing Gratitude you don’t have too much time to focus on negatives. A grateful heart pleases God and keeps you lifted up even when you feel like remaining low! (My version of 1Thessalonians 5:18)

Join me and let us count our blessings one by one and Remember be Grateful!

LaShelle Adams-Lee

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“An Industry that will never die”

Attention ! Attention! If you are a hairstylist, barber, nail technician, make-up artist, or student of cosmetology – I have good news for you!

 As we are fast approaching the end of another year and on the brink of a new White House Administration,  many people are on edge about the uncertainty of what’s to come!! They’re nervous about the economy, health insurance, job security, and the list goes on….

 Well – I have good news for you………. You have nothing to fear because you have a talent that cannot be replaced by computers, clones or counterfeits! People worry on a daily basis and wonder:  “Could this be the final day of my job?” Will I get a pink slip this week or be let go? 

 It is a blessing to be a part of an industry which is ever- evolving!  Our industry is here to stay!!!

LaShelle Adams-Lee

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